Triland Corporation

Words struggle to describe the terrible wealth, size, reach and power of Triland. It is more than a corporation, or an agglomeration of corporations; it is a integral part of global business, and has insinuated itself into every aspect of finance and trade so that it is often impossible to discern where Triland begins and the rest of the world's markets end. It is everything that anti-globalisation protesters fear a giant corporation is and more; truth, in this case, is worse than fiction.

Triland is vast and faceless; it has operated in so many pieces and names over the centuries that its origins cannot be pinned down by outsiders. In fact, the name Triland refers only to one particular, recognisable branch of the company that has come to prominence in recent years. It owns and operates thousands of subsidiaries, shell companies and front agencies in almost every field imaginable, from international banking to military hardware, from biotech to mercenary companies, from heavy manufacturing to media broadcasting and internet services. Entire towns are set up on a whim to serve some new project or resource extraction site, and abandoned to poverty just as quick.

The vast organisation of which Triland is a part has, by virtue of some strange alchemy of scale, transmuted into something not quite constrainable or definable. Though it has an uncountable number of long range plans that interconnect and spread across the world like the axons of a brain tumour, none of them are really essential to the group; it can survive the loss of any of its extremities, and even if the head was somehow found and removed, another would sprout elsewhere. Indeed, because it is so entrenched in the world of international trade, Triland's parent organisation has no need of plans or goals. It has become an infinite player. It is everywhere, and so can reap profit from both losses and gains on any given currency or stock market. If one of its projects is destroyed by superheroes or the authorities, one of its subsidiaries will inevitably be chosen to clean up the damage. Whatever the outcome of any given set of circumstances, Triland is in place to ensure that it is a win for them. Is is not an entity, but a system in which entities act.

Nine time out of ten that a superhero faces enemies armed with black-market hypertech weapons and armour, or a villain unleashes a powerful device of great destructive power, careful backtracking will lead to a Triland-run clandestine laboratory staffed by disavowed military scientists and sociopathic researchers. And the the trail will end abruptly, by the death of the investigator at the hands of elite security forces, the 'erasure' of the lab and all in it, or simply by the perfectly arranged lack of documents connecting the facility to Triland or its masters. Governments seem powerless against the corporation. Even those few with agencies aware of the corporate conspiracy's existence are handicapped by the number of officials that are bought or blackmailed in one way or another, giving Triland massive leverage with which to quash investigations and shape policy. Rumour suggests that many of the most politically powerful people in history have been pawns of Triland, or even members of the shadowy Board of Directors.

Relatively few significant groups have any inkling about the full scope of Triland. The Primacy's financial intelligence wing has gathered some information that seems to connect a few subsidiaries and clandestine projects to one orchestrating party, but they have yet to put the pieces together. Perhaps the greatest expert on the corporation, though, is InterPol investigator Anakoz Kareaga, a Basque forensic accountant who has made assembling the thin clues that point to Triland and the greater organisation it is part of his life's work. It seems impossible that Triland would be unaware of of the EuroPol agent's research, however, which raises the question as to why they haven't taken steps to conclude them permanently. Perhaps Kareaga is just another unwitting front for misinformation…

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