The Tellran Family

Look to the edge. The edge of scientific understanding, of the mapped world, of athletic or intellectual endeavour. There you will most likely find a Tellran.

Hobbes Tellran, explorer, cartographer and geologist was the first person to discover the 'Martian'1 invasion of Earth in 1901, stumbling across the metal landing pods in the Scottish Highlands and being taken on board. He managed to escape and warn his friend Professor Jonah Steele. Working alongside the young genius, Hobbes Tellran became the first man to see an alien in the flesh and also the first to beat one back into its ship using nothing more than a shovel.

Giselle Tellran challenged Amelia Earhart to a round-the-world race in 1937. They were neck and neck leaving Hawaii, but Earhart's Lockheed Electra began to suffer engine trouble. Giselle quickly turned her plane (designed by a cousin, Isaiah Tellran, Howard Hughes' chief aviation designer) around, and used its wings to keep Earhart's aloft long enough for them both to make a rough landing on Howland island. With only enough parts salvageable from their planes to repair one, they teamed up to complete the race together, and completed the circumnavigation in record time. Earhart later married Isaiah Tellran.

Martin Tellran-Strong, agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service, destroyed the Nazi Projekt Eisfeuer ('Icefire', the attempt to build a zero-point energy bomb) in its secret Baltic base. He was reported to have perished after a thrilling pistol-and-fist duel with Wolfgang Khan, the Nazi's chief quantum weapons engineer, and both men plunged into the icy ocean; both men in fact survived, and continued their struggle throughout the war.

In 1954, Mercer Tellran, working with Rosalind Franklin of Crick and Watson's team discovered and began mapping the metagene, a potent genetic variant responsible for a significant fraction of the superhumans on Earth. Mercer was also a noted social reformer all throughout his life, particularly for his campaigning to set up a committee to report on homosexual law reform in the UK and act on its findings, which was also accomplished in the early 1950's.

In response to the emergent pandemics of the 70's and 80's, Catrine Tellran founded the Expeditionary Epidemiology Team, a global pathology research and investigation agency that later inspired the Primacy's Bio-Threat Assessment Group. Catrine work helped eradicate the most dangerous strains of Ebola before they became a threat, developed a second-generation smallpox vaccine distributed to a vast proportion of the world's population in the late 80's to prevent the disease's resurgence.

Unlike the rival Khan family that will stop at nothing to outdo or crush them, the Tellrans are not driven by any curse or predisposition; merely by excellent education in both secular and ethical fields, and an inherited series of role-models second to none. Though more geographically diverse and leading more independent lives, they are emotionally closer than the Khans, and less prone to intramural backstabbing and treachery. There is, as is to be expected when dozens of the brightest and most capable people in the world get together, a great deal of competitiveness, but it is almost invariably in a friendly manner.

U Thant, former Secretary-General of the United Nations is reported as saying: "A bomb placed at a Tellran family reunion would drop the average IQ of our species by a full ten percentiles, and do incalculably more damage to our moral qualities."

Threat Ratings

GTR: Minor to Moderate; Life & Limb / Property: None; to the contrary the Tellrans have a well-deserved reputation for upholding the common good.

Group Membership

By definition, members of the extended and widespread Tellran family. The various NGOs and non-profit groups the Tellrans chair and support and employ thousands of workers and volunteers.

Bases/Centres of Operation

The Tellrans are dispersed across all continents, though there are more in Europe, Africa and North America than in Asia and South America. In the Americas, the colossal Tellran Trust Buildings in Boston serves as a regional meeting place for the diverse members of the family, while Castle O'Talloran, built on Hag's Head on the west coast of Ireland is as close to as an ancestral home as they have.

Leaders/Notable Members

There are far too many Tellrans with colourful and triumphant tales to describe a worthwhile portion of them. The family is far less regimented than the Khans, lacking a formal patriarch or matriarch. Instead, it operates as a series of overlapping circles of interest, contact and location, and passes discussions and information around this informal network.

Tellran Trust Group

A collection of the wealthiest and most generous aid foundations, scientific grant providers, charities and financial advisories, the TTG annually dispenses more monetary and material support to disaster-ravaged areas, war zones and impoverished regions than any other group in the world, rivalled only by the US government and the UN. Transparency International, the anti-corruption watchdog, frequently uses the Group as a model for how such agencies should work: it is famously corruption free, and spends a mere 1.5% of its income on administration and maintenance. The senior staff are mostly scions of the Tellran family and noted humanitarians and academics, who all work pro bono.

Combat Camp

It has no over-formal, evocative name; those in the business of martial arts know what they mean when they refer to it. Castle O'Talloran is home to perhaps the world's finest and most exclusive school for the understanding of fighting styles both armed and empty handed. It accepts only a small number of students each year, but does so solely on the basis of talent and purity of intention. Students, who can be of any age, live in the castle barracks, and practise a challenging and diverse range of training and sparring techniques. Most of the great Tellran weaponmasters have both trained and taught at the combat camp, from Tennyson to James to the current head teacher, Beatrice Tellran, an acclaimed expert in all forms of throwing weapons.

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