The Second Renaissance

"Rejoice, homo sapiens sapiens. This is the end of history.

"For three million years our species has been a slave to superstition and natural forces. We created 'religion' to abnegate our fear of famine and storm. We created 'myth' to generate a false account of our place in the 'natural order' in terms comprehensible to our primitive minds. We created 'magic' to imagine we could tame the seemingly uncontrollable world.

"Now, there is no need for comforting delusions. Our species will no longer be subject to evolution by stochastic mutation and fluctuating environmental circumstances. We will craft a new genome for a perfect species. We will no longer need or desire the authority-enforcing lies of theocrats. We will create a new philosophy of progress and reason that will eradicate the old. We will no longer cling to the irregular practises of magic or metahuman 'powers'. We will uncover the structure of reality and remake into a form that suits our purposes.

"Rejoice, homo sapiens sapiens. The veil of legend and lies will be removed. A new Renaissance will remove the vestiges of cowardly thought that hides from the stark brilliance of the truth. The Enlightenment project will be carried through to its logical conclusion. No matter the cost.

"Veritas ex machina."

In the 1990's, ten scientists worked on a Triland Corp. research base in Turkey on something called Project Linear. Information recovered from the site is sparse, but seems to indicate they were working on something called an 'entanglement transceiver' focused on 'low entropy dimensions'. Whatever this was, at some point in 1995 the researchers stopped sending reports to their masters. By the time Triland was able to investigate the site, the place was abandoned and unorthodox modifications had been made to the remaining machinery.

In 2000, the above statement was issued by a pirate broadcast. The group responsible did not name itself, but it was designated the Second Renaissance (a.k.a. 2R, ReGenesis, Project Linear) by the Primacy's Threat Assessment Groups. A few wits called them 'Mad Scientists for a Better Tomorrow', and that name stuck even after the acts of terrorism began. 2R targeted religious institutions for attack with bombs and battledroids, killing several hundred people across the world and causing unimaginable damage to cultural and artistic treasures. 2R's behaviour indicates that they are scientific fundamentalists, dedicated to eradicating what they term 'the oppression of mythology' in the form of religion, superstition, magic and scientific misinformation. Their targets have included New Age seminars, the assassination of magical heroes and villains, and governments that have a 'theocratic bias'. They do not go out of their way to target civilians, but neither do they hesitate when faced with innocents in the way of their plans.

Despite this relatively straightforward agenda (and 2R certainly takes no steps to make it deliberately enigmatic) the group can be hard to predict. They operate on a logical system so advanced - or so insane - that it defies the ability of most intelligence agencies to combat.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Severe; Life & Limb: Moderate to Severe; Property: Moderate to Severe.

Group Membership

A core group of seven scientists, six of whom were members of Project Linear, and the other of unknown origin. Behind this, there must be a substantial body of scientists either devoted or sympathetic to the cause, placed in governments and universities across the world. 2R seldom uses superhumans in its plans, though it possesses the most bleeding-edge hypertech and a substantial number of robotic minions.

Bases/Centres of Operation

Though there are several major laboratories and factories around the world that serve 2R's research ad manufacturing needs, their main HQ exists only in virtual reality. The core scientists each possess a secret base, laboratory or scientific sanctum from which they launch individual projects.

Leaders/Notable Members

Scientist Zero

Believed to be the leader of 2R, Zero is an artificial being of unknown origins, appearing as an utterly black metal android in a white lab coat. It has never been known to speak, and no records or analyses exist of any powers it might possess. Nevertheless, the other Scientists act with deference to it.

Scientists One through Six

Members of the original Project Linear team, these men and women have become corrupted by technology so much that they now exist in symbiosis with it. Though cybernetics are not exactly uncommon, and is in fact used by many military agencies around the world, the Scientists are so infected with it that they are no longer remotely human. Exhibiting a wide array of technological powers, they are believed to focus on separate research fields in their efforts to institute a new, rational world order.

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