The Pact

During the Gateway Wars, it became ever more clear that the Primacy, despite their best intentions, could not be everywhere at once, and that the threats the world was facing were growing ever more widespread and severe. With the aim of protecting an entire continent, and thus taking some of the pressure of the world's foremost defenders, a group of the most prominent African superheroes came together, under the guidance of the charismatic veteran Radi, and made a pact to share their skills, resources and information, to protect all their homelands and more from the dimensional incursions of Professor Gateway.

Since the end of the Wars, they have remained active, becoming a superhuman force for justice and protection to be reckoned with. If they have a flaw, it is that political interference from the various governments under their aegis often prevents them from doing as much good as they could. Frequently unable to strike against oppressive regimes or murderous rebel factions, they are restricted to combating supercriminals and providing humanitarian aid.

Recently, a battle with one of the Furies caused a quiet coup, replacing the founder Radi as leader of the Pact with the ambitious Rashidi Malecela. Radi, a lightning-wielder, became the target of one of Ionique's attempts at motherhood. Unfortunately, her methods of seduction amounted to kidnapping and rape. The level of electricity the Fury produced was simply too much for Radi's powers to cope with, and he suffered horrific injuries. He survived, but lives with massive nerve damage that renders him partially paralysed, and his electrokinetic powers were severely and permanently weakened. Malecela was able to convince enough of the members of the Pact that the damaged hero should step down that he was able to assume control. It is commonly thought that 'Pact' is an acronym for Pan-African Crimefighting Taskforce or something along those lines, but in fact it simply refers to the original agreement between a group of noble and concerned individuals.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Severe; Life & Limb / Property: N/A; the Pact is an admirably heroic organisation.

Group Membership

Currently six superhumans, plus a small support staff in which are essentially an arm of Malecela's Treasure Industries corporation. The Pact works to help set up, advice and support local heroes and teams in various cities and countries around Africa, helping fix local problems and deal with minor threats before they escalate.

Bases/Centres of Operation

The Blue Zoicite tower stretches up from near the summit of Mt. Beni, the tallest peak in the Ruwenzori range. The tower straddles the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, and its altitude offers an unparalleled view of both the Congo basin the highlands around Lake Victoria. It is a magnificent structure of polished blue, green and violet glass that glitters in the sun amidst blinding white snowfields, and is considered an architectural rival to Brunel Tower in Kingdom City. There is a teleportal in the nearby town of Fort Portal (the name is simply a remarkable coincidence), allowing the Primacy to conference with the Pact quickly if need be.

There is a secondary base in Lagos, an annex of the Ministry of Extraplanetary Technology's facility there. The Pact has often petitioned the Primacy for access to Gateway devices to allow them to patrol the continent more effectively, but the Primacy remains leery of letting anyone work on the exceedingly dangerous technology.

Leaders/Notable Members

Rashidi Malecela

Already a rich gem tycoon when he discovered the source of his powers, Malecela use his intelligence, drive, wealth and contacts to keep the Pact at the forefront of superhuman defence and rescue. Born in northern Tanzania, he expanded his family's small mining company into Treasure Industries, a major extractor of diamonds and rubies. His corporation's greatest find was a massive vein of tanzanite, a blue-violet-green gemstone rarer than diamond, and potentially as valuable. But most remarkable was that in the heart of the vein was a huge tanzanite jewel that had already been cut and shaped, even inlaid with symbols… and apparently not by human hands.

Malecela kept the gem with him as he considered whom to sell it to. A few days later, during a mine collapse, he uncovered its miraculous properties: the gem channelled tremendous energies of an unknown source, granting its wielder the ability to shape the land with a thought, an effect that compared favourably with that of Ti Lung, one of the Primacy's original members. This brought him to Radi's attention, and he was quickly inducted into the Pact. Though the Pact's leader initially didn't want to tap his new recruit's resources too heavily, Treasure Industry's wealth later became critical to the Pact's operations, particularly when the ambitious hero rose to lead the organisation.

Over the years, Malecela's skill at wielding the gem has increased. He can now use it to project tanzanite coloured forcefields, to heal himself and others, fly, and many other functions. It has been suggested that he is powerful and experienced enough to make a possible member of the Primacy.


Adem Tamrat, Ethiopian born and a devout Rastafari was a vocal black supremacist before he joined the Pact. He claims his powers, the strength, courage, pride and speed of a lion, come from Jah. Lion has developed a cult of personality around himself using his immense charisma, and sometimes seems on the verge of declaring him and his admirers a new mansion (sect) of the faith. Despite the controversy he stirs up, he is one of the bravest and most generous heroes in the Pact, always at the forefront of battle against supervillains and the first to put his strength to work clearing up natural disasters and furthering humanitarian missions.


Born in 1942, Mabandla Sobuza was a simple shepherd boy in Swaziland when he was hit by lightning. By some miracle of genetics or fate, he survived unharmed, and was empowered. Over the next few years he gained significant control over electricity, able to throw crackling bolts and transform himself into one to move long distances at the speed of lightning. For many decades he travelled southern Africa, protecting people from war and crime as best he could. His reputation as a hero was a significant factor in the formation of the Pact, and he used the respect he was owed to weld the very disparate heroes into a cohesive force.

After being crippled physically and power-wise by Ionique, Malecela half-persuaded, half-blackmailed Radi into stepping down as leader. He now serves as a technical advisor, trainer, political liaison and mentor for the Pact and numerous other teams. Having parleyed his electrical talents into an above average engineering skill, he also provides crimefighting devices to his allies as well.

Mysteriously, his twin sister Laftwala, who was at home many miles away, also gained powers from the lightning strike: she gained the power of thunder. She aided him as a superheroine called Nguruma for a time, but eventually retired to a normal life. Her powers faded with lack of use, and she died peacefully just before the Gateway Wars.


Apart from Radi, Jager-9 is the only member of the Pact who has been a member since the founding. Genetically engineered by South African scientists to act as a bounty hunter against the ANC and Umkhonto we Sizwe, she rebelled against her makers, proving to have a firm moral core rather than being the heartless solider they had intended. Jager-9 has not aged physically since the day she was decanted in 1982, and still appears to be 19. She retains a warmth and a sense of almost naivete that could almost be called innocence by those that haven't seen her fight. Genetically equipped with enhanced senses, tracking ability and combat instinct, she is a terror in combat.


The young African-American Cleo Thompson was hand-picked by Malecela to round out the team. Though young an inexperienced, she possesses substantial superspeed, including the ability to move so fast that she creates 'physical echoes' of herself, short-duration duplicates. As the only non-native to the continent on the team, she sometimes feels out of place, and this has lead to her developing a brash, somewhat overzealous streak, to allow her to deal with matters on her own terms. She has formed a close friendship with Lion, taking inspiration from him, though his religious views make him disapprove of her personal life.


Another new recruit, the Libyan Tazdayt Kelkal was exposed to experimental cybernetics in the womb by her mother, a researcher for a shadowy technology firm called Chromewerks. These mechanical implants mimicked biological functions, and grew along with her. By adolescence, Tazdayt gained the ability to remotely interface with technology, and to create virtual-reality environments around herself. Radi discovered her and recommended that the Pact recruit her in case her abilities drew the attentions of the Fury Dataplague.

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