The Ministry Of Extraplanetary Technology

With sole access to the most sophisticated alien technology on (and off) Earth and only marginally accountable to any government, the MXpT is a conspiracy theorist's worst nightmare. Formed in 1999 by the Nigerian government, with input from a number of other nations affected by the Menagerie crash, the Ministry was tasked with recovering survivors and threatening or useful technology from the wreckage of the ship all over the globe, with housing and treating the aliens, and for analysing the gathered material to further human knowledge. It selectively and judiciously publishes the technologies it reverse-engineers, and has the plans of a number of revolutionary inventions that are waiting in the wings for the best time to be released. The Ministry supplements its black-book funding with this secret trade in alien-derived patents, making the true scope of its operations hard to judge.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Critical; Life & Limb: Minor (though it has been accused of causing 'disappearances' of witnesses and excess brutality when conducting missions, the MXpT generally avoids civilian casualties); Property: Critical (only in regards to alien and alien-derived technology and materials).

Group Membership

A medium-sized, semi-autonomous branch of the Nigerian government, with substantial links to many other nations. The MXpT deals with the UN, the Primacy, and other international and supranational bodies only when it has to. They operate a four-person team of advanced power armour suits based on technology recovered from the Menagerie crash.

Bases/Centres of Operation

The MXpT's headquarters is in Lagos overlooking X-town, though it maintains an office in the capital, Abuja. The Lagos facility includes hangers for the First Response Team's battlesuits, workshops for breaking down crashed alien ships and devices recovered by superheroes, labs and factories where the reverse-engineered technology is developed into next-generation equipment for human use. There is also a wing occupied by the Pact, used as their headquarters in western Africa.

The Ministry is believed to have a number of other bases around the world, including an isolation lab in the arctic Svalbard islands, and a flight testing facility in the continental US.

Leaders/Notable Members

Minister Usman Ojomoh

Head of the Ministry and chairman of the Multinational Advisory Council (which consists of, amongst others, Denmark representing Greenland, Canada, the USA, Russia, the CIS, Turkey and Chad), Ojomoh rose from a minor, forgettable career in the civil service to Nigeria's 'Alien Czar', with broad powers over all aspects of the integration of the visitors. He is a consummate politician and bureaucrat, operating the Ministry's reverse engineering labs behind a veil of independence and secrecy and maintain a friendly facade for the UN High Commission on Nonhuman Refugees, the Nigerian government, and the other factions to which he is nominal accountable.

Special Agent Ekon Bello

The Ministry's foremost agent for covert technology recovery, Bello is a dashing master of disguise, espionage and sabotage. He works around the world, both undercover and in daring paramilitary raids on labs developing illegal alien-derived devices, xenotech smugglers, and monitoring the activities of hostile science-based groups, such as the Second Renaissance.

The First Response Team

The Ministry's elite agents for high-risk technology acquisitions and to deal with offworld threats, the FRT is deployed on missions too low-profile or classified for the Primacy or Pact to be involved in. Four specially trained agents utilise xenotech-derived suits of power armour ever built to deal with threats to or from the 'domestic' alien population, surveil and study newly arrived lifeforms, recover dangerous devices based on proprietary MXpT technology, and to investigate UFO landings and sites.

All the suits are between seven and ten feet tall, and made primarily from the unknown alloys of the Menagerie ship's hull. They are mostly quite bulky and rounded in appearance, with broad shoulder plates, small helmets and flared leg sections. Each is customised with unique derivatives of specialised systems from the ship, and optimised for one task. Rumours indicate that the MXpT is working on a new generation of smaller, less specialised, less technology-intensive suits for mass production.

Special Agent Rapporteur [Overwatch Suit]

Believed to be a former Nigerian intelligence agent, Rapporteur's real name and even gender are uncertain. The Overwatch suit is outfitted for command, control and communications; Rapporteur is the team leader, and uses the advanced sensor and communications technology from the Menagerie. The Overwatch suit also contains an ample array of weapons for when negotiations fail.

Agent Strongarm [Manipulator Suit]

Under the able guidance of former oil-rig roughneck from Sierra Leone named Jumoke Minah, the Manipulator suit is fitted with a scaled-down version of one of the robotic arms the Menagerie used to shift its habitat pods around. The arm contains synthetic metal muscles based on coiled one-dimensional metal fibres, making it impossibly powerful. Always direct, Agent Strongarm is more than willing to put her powerful crushing tool to use, whether in lifting alien wreckage or pummelling enemies into scrap.

Agent Hazard [Impulse Suit]

While all the suits are equipped with contra-gravity jump units, only the Impulse suit, which mounts attitude thrusters from the alien ship's drive section, can truly fly. Piloted by an energetic daredevil named Ibrahim Aluko, also known as Agent Hazard, the Impulse suit is used for scouting, pursuit and for rapidly seizing objectives.

Agent Kore [Reactor Suit]

The largest suit is built around part of the Menagerie's powerplant, and the Reactor suit is heavily shielded, both to protect the user and bystanders from stray radiation and to prevent damage from breaching it. Piloted by Stepan 'Kore' Rossovskaya, a Russian nuclear-powered warship engineer, the Reactor suit channels the excess power it generates to the others in the team, bolstering their capabilities. Kore can also unleash tremendously devastating blasts of energy from the powerplant, but he has great trouble controlling them and often causes serious overkill.

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