The Khans

Studies indicate that as many as sixteen million people living today have some kind of genetic link to Genghis Khan. Few take more pride in this fact that the megalomaniac clan of adventurers, villains and ruthless aristocrats that take his name. The Khan family traces its genealogy clearly back to the man known as Temujin, and has a complex web of intermarriages resulting in branches of the family spread from Saudi Arabia to China, from Russia to Austria. Loyal only to themselves and their bloodline, the Khans have served and commanded some of the most diabolical forces in history. Francois-Jacques Khan commanded Napoleon's secret army in an attempt to kidnap the British royal family; the unpowered Gustav Khan single-handedly fought off the American metahuman Aquila Glory until his ubermensch bodyguards could arrive and protect the V4 rocket launch site; and Beckett Khan tried to poison Martin Luther King before he could upset the status quo that the Khans found so profitable.

Much of their behaviour is driven by a taint of hereditary insanity that makes them hunger for power and demand obedience from those around them. This is perhaps the root of their long running feud with the Tellran family, the only people that consistently equal or exceed them in intelligence, drive and success. Unlike their adversaries, some Khans display metahuman talents, most often limited telepathy or the ability to project hallucinations and influence into the minds of others, making them doubly dangerous.

The Khan's modus operandi can best be described as an aristocratic crime family. Relatives hold powerful positions in syndicates from the Mafia, Snakeheads and Organizatiya to the Triads, preferring to pull the strings from the back rooms. Several Khans sit on Triland's Board of Directors, where they work to defraud entire economies and plot financial deals of staggering corruption.

Above all, they are driven by the bitter feud with the Tellran family, the dark to their light. This pushes them into scientific research, humanitarianism, athletics, martial arts and high-risk explorations; the same fields where the Tellrans excel. Even when a Khan finds the fabulous Jewels of Sekharamet, or a new treatment for tuberculosis, or wins a gold medal for Olympic pursuits, or delivers aid to the victims of the latest Fury rampage, or earns a Nobel prize with the hard work of an unfortunately deceased colleague, however, you can be sure that they always have one eye firmly on their own best interests and aims. Humiliating a Tellran and defrauding the innocent go hand in hand for a true scion of the Khan family.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Moderate; Life & Limb: Minor; Property: Moderate.

Group Membership

By definition, members of the extended Khan clan. Due to their wealth and power, they have vast numbers of retainers and henchmen.

Bases/Centres of Operation

The Khans own a fabulous villa near Prague, their major home in Europe, through there are many more estates and mansions scattered around Central Asia, Russia and China.

Leaders/Notable Members

Maximillian Khan

Easily a contender for 'most diabolical genius of the century', Maximillian Khan is one of the most brilliant men who ever lived, the spitting image of his great-grandfather Augustus. His criminal record proves that there are few depths of depravity to which he will not sink to further his objective of destroying the Tellrans and being recognised as the greatest man alive. While unpowered, his keen mind allows him to analyse and adapt dozens of esoteric martial arts, obscure languages, mystical and psychological techniques such as biofeedback and full-sense perception (though he does not, granted, use magic in the true sense) and every branch of science and knowledge, making him an intellectually and physically well rounded threat. Despite this, he found himself overmatched by the purity and power of the first Ascendant. Arrested and tried on what amounted to false charges and with false evidence created by the Primacy (they knew he was guilty of many, many crimes, but couldn't find enough real evidence to convict him on anything he'd actually done), Maximillian Khan was sentenced to 20 years in Pacifica. To this day he plots in his cell, smug in the knowledge that the righteous Primacy had to cheat to defeat him. The only questions that remain are how and when he will escape, and what form his vengeance will assume.

Tiberius Khan

The eldest living member of the family at a sprightly 118, Tiberius was forced to come out of retirement when Maximillian was captured an imprisoned. He no longer has the will necessary to be the Khan's patriarch, and it is only a matter of time before a more ambitious youngster challenges him.

Mei-Long & Lucien Khan

These ambitious youngsters are the most talked about part of the new generation of Khans that work to make their mark on the world. Mei-long is a brilliant scientist and depraved philosopher, while Lucien is a more hands-on type, an archaeologist with some mental powers. Both are just beginning to spread their nefarious wings and learn how to control, deceive and destroy those that stand in their way, but is seems sure that the world will become more familiar with their names soon.

Helena Khan

Though it's usually members of the Tellran family who show a propensity for mastering weapons and styles of combat, Helena Khan, born to the Greek wing of the family, has proven a notable exception. Stranded on an isolated Aegean island as a mere child when her parent's luxury yacht sunk, Helena grew up half-wild, forced to learn the ways of survival. To feed herself, she fashioned a crude bow from salvaged materials, and hunted the endangered Mediterranean sea-otters. By the time she was rescued, aged 17, the otters and more than a few species of birds native to the island were extinct.

Returning to Europe, her extended family welcomed her with open arms. The amazing tale of her survival, her beauty and the feral grace she displayed made her an instant celebrity. The Khan blood ran true; Helena used her fame to petition governments and conservation agencies around the world for 'sustainable use' of endangered species, on that basis that if they have a stake in the survival of animals due to the profits to be made from their pelts, tusks or other products, they will be inclined to ensure they don't drive them to extinction. She is one of the major people responsible for the legalisation of the trade in narwhals, rhinos and elephants. Which is convenient for the several thousand tons of ivory that have been sitting in Khan warehouses for several years, and can now be sold at a substantial profit.

The Khan Institute for the Gifted

Situated in the lonely woodlands and mountains of Washington state, USA, the Khan Institute is a school for youths that display metahuman talents, be they genetic or induced, magical or physical. Parents of unusual children around the world are offered the chance to send their offspring, free of charge, to the Institute, where they receive an excellent education, a grounding in politics and ethics, and tuition on how to develop their powers.

Surely, it is merely a coincidence how many future supervillains and henchmen of the Khan family are alumni of the Institute…

del Reyes, Khan & Sandoval

Based in Buenos Aires, this law firm is renowned for taking on the toughest defence cases, from genocide to attempted world domination… and usually winning.

NutureCorp International Aid Foundation

The largest supplier of materials to UN aid programmes, this Triland subsidiary, headed by one Gregor Khan, manufactures wind up radios, laptops, well-drilling equipment, agricultural machinery and medical provisions. For a small fee, they'll keep working as promised, too.

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