The Guild Of Thieves

If there is honour amongst thieves, it is found in the Guild. A loose association of superpowered burglars, con artists, pickpockets and bank robbers that cooperate to avoid the law and complete the most daring crimes, members of the Guild must forswear unnecessary violence and offer up a share of their profits to pay the legal fees of captured members, and to provide medical care for sick or elderly former partners. Any Guild member that kills under any circumstances, or repeatedly injures where stunning or evasion would have sufficed, soon finds themselves bound up and delivered to the Primacy Embassy's doorstep in Nagoya, ready for transport to Pacifica. They hold to the so-called Code that binds superhumans on both sides of the law with greater rigor than nearly any other criminals, and this gives them a sense of professional and moral superiority.

The Guild's greatest utility is as an information clearinghouse and networking forum for its members. Dozens of impromptu gangs have been set up within its membership from time to time for specific heists, and the more cooperative thieves sometimes tip each other off to opportunities that match their skill sets, powers and peccadilloes, in exchange for the same consideration, or a percentage of the take. Other members make their living as 'mercenary thieves', hiring out their specialist talents to assist others in their crimes.

Though it is largely a ceremonial position, the Guildmaster enjoys a great reputation across the underworld, commanding more respect than any mob boss or gang chief. By spreading a little of the organisation's significant wealth around and dropping a few pointed words in the right ears of organised crime, the master can stir up a world-wide crimewave or summon a veritable army of thugs. The Guild elects a master whenever there is a significant challenge to the current leader's authority – so there is always a healthy degree of paranoia as the leader looks to her lieutenants as potential usurpers. The number of votes a member can cast is reputedly based on the value of loot they brought in in the past year, so the most ambitious Guild thieves are very busy indeed. Of course, not all metahuman burglars are members, but those in the light-fingered profession find that the Guild offers unparalleled access to covert services, job contacts and information. Not only this, but because of its strict non-violence policy, law enforcement agencies and heroes usually focus on the non-member psychopaths first.

Folklore and conspiracy holds that the Guild dates back millennia, to a sect called the Brotherhood of the Hand in ancient Egypt. Whether or not this holds any truth, it is an eclectic and long-lived group, built of the shadowy remnants of other crime syndicates and occult societies, and is reputed to possess a great repository of secret lore.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Severe; Life & Limb: Negligible; Property: Critical.

Group Membership

A core of superhuman thieves and experts, with many baseline informants and assistants. Approximately 25 supers, 1000+ baseline fences, lookouts, procurers, fixers and racketeers.

Bases/Centres of Operation

InterPol raided the Guild's last HQ, located in Djakarta, two years ago. There were dozens of arrests, but the leadership escaped and the organisation regrew elsewhere, currently unknown. The Guild has no fixed fields of operation, but goes anywhere there is money to be illegally acquired.

Leaders/Notable Members

Guildmaster Psiphon

The Guild's current leader, Psiphon has never sullied his hands by stealing mere wealth or objects d'art. The targets of his crimes are nothing less than thoughts themselves. He specialises in blackmail and secret-mongering, including such famous capers as selling Russia's nuclear launch codes to the highest bidder (which was, luckily, Russia itself), and revealing the CEO of a major Triland subsidiary's sexual proclivities to the Global Mumbai. He also has a carefully calculated skill at manipulating public opinion by attacking governments and corporations and leaking their secrets to the public, making many see him as a kind of freedom-of-information Robin Hood. He guards the details of his personal life and history jealously, but it is believed he is a middle-aged man of Khmer descent. Those few that have met him and are willing to divulge information to the authorities, however, claim that his features are so soft and muted, and his voice so completely without accent that his nationality and ethnicity are near-impossible to pin down. That he can use his telepathic abilities to cloud their minds only adds tot he difficulties of unravelling his secrets.


Originally a Louisianan paramedic, the man known as Hellbender was infected by some kind of 'weresalamander' in the depths of the bayous. Over the years, this contamination has manifested in a variety of strange abilities. His physical form is mutated, possessing flexible scales and small but sharp claws. He can can project and control small amounts of very intense fire, which he uses to cut into vaults and disable security systems. In addition, Hellbender can transform parts of his body into living fire, allowing him to slip through even the tightest gaps. He is known for his flamboyant use of profits from his crimes, and frequents Las Vegas and Monaco's largest casinos, with supermodels on his elbows and bespoke suits made from his own shed skin. On the rare occasions when the Guild is forced to intervene to rein in a wildcard in its ranks or dissuade an overly aggressive hero from trying to apprehend their members, it is often Hellbender that leads the task force, as he has something of a belligerent streak.

Grey Noise

A technological kleptomaniac, Grey Noise is never seen without his form-fitting stealth suit and numerous infiltration gadgets. His favourite toy is the 'grey noise' generator from which he takes his name, which generates a field of static that affects sight, hearing and electronic surveillance. The high-tech thief is know to be obsessed with the inventions of former Primacy member Professor Gateway, and constantly seeks to increase his collection of them. Some analysts suspect he seeks some kind of ultimate device, which can be constructed from the lesser inventions and experiments. He is known to frequent Hamburg, and some sightings link him with Professor Konnigsedge, the city's scientist-mayor with a known antipathy towards superheros.

Cheshire Cat

The Guild's poster girl, the sexy English superthief Cheshire Cat made her name stealing the most heavily guarded jewels and works of art in the world and doing it with style. A skilled teleporter, she has escaped from World Penal Authority custody more than anyone else alive. Little is know about her background; she spins a dozen different yarns about her past and the origin of her powers, sometimes claiming she is a Sidhe queen from the shadow world of Cysgod Golau brought to Earth by magic, sometimes that she is the result of genetically splicing an Olympic gymnast with an MI-5 spy as a part of a bizarre plot to steal the crown jewels, or even that she is the cryogenically preserved tsarevna Anastasia Romanov.

The Prince

There are powers of lawlessness older still than the Guild; older even than its suspected origins in the slums of Cairo, four millennia or more ago. The man who bears the title of the Prince of Thieves was once a fairly undistinguished criminal, a privileged young man named Leonard Collins from Midway City in America, with an expensive lifestyle which exceeded his means. As his funds dried up, he turned to theft to maintain himself in the manner to which he had become accustomed, betraying his friends and using his high society contacts to find opportunities to pilfer cash and jewellery. His greatest achievement – and his final, as a mortal – was to steal an artefact, the Promethean Lockpicks, from the collection of his uncle. This crime roused the interest of a mysterious entity, a timeless patron of ne'er-do-wells everywhere which took the opportunity to vest its power in Collins. He was at once transformed, his mind filled with ages-old secrets of the criminal trade, a grand agenda, and the powers necessary to bring it to fruition. One of the Guild's newest members, everyone sees that he has a great future ahead of him – in many ways, the Prince is the ultimate thief, his abilities of stealth and deception perfectly suited to the greatest crimes and most mundane robberies alike. The only thing more evident than his capabilities is his ambition, something Psiphon has taken careful note of. For the present, he is tied up with his growing criminal empire in Midway City, and suffers frequent entanglements with the local police superhero the Badge.

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