The Global Mumbai

As India grows ever richer and more populous, the expanding techno-savvy middle class demands more access to media and information. And where ever people want the news, you can be sure there will be someone there to tell them about the latest celebrity gossip and scandals, fad diets, yeti photos, conspiracy theories and other populist drivel. And that is where the Global Mumbai comes in.

Its editor, Vikram Subharritash is a flamboyant and brilliant publicist, paparazzo and gossip monger. A journalist from the days when the Global Mumbai was just another niche tabloid, his skill at reading the public's mood and desires catapulted the paper to international circulation. Now published in over fifty languages, it has become the most widely-read dailies around the world, and you can be sure that in any bar or café, someone will be reading a copy, and two more people will be discussing the contents with an air of scholarly expertise.

It would be wrong to simply label the paper as reactionary, emotive pap, however. Subharritash is a very intelligent man, and has created a network of correspondents and a cadre of elite journalists from the best agencies around the world, and they have broken some very important stories. It was the Global Mumbai's Kanda H'kume that broke the story about the plight of non-powered humans in the ex-Soviet superhuman ruled republic of Ubyezhich. Sabriné Lesanaínce won a Pulitzer for her story on the deep political corruption within the European Union. Subharritash himself - and to this day no one knows how - managed to conduct interviews with three of the most dangerous inmates of Pacifica Prison - Maximilian Khan, the Drifter and Amberdash. Superheroes of any prominence are likely to find themselves coming across reporters from the Global Mumbai at some stage, whether because they seek to unravel the same mystery, or as the subjects of a story.

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