The Gleaners

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

Motivations and Goals

Superhuman intellects open up vast new vistas for exploration and research; and the history of the world, with its lost cultures, secret origins and ancient artefacts is more vivid and wondrous than mundane scholars realise. The Gleaners know this, and seek to find, document and hoard all these mysteries for the use of metahumanity alone. They are pure scientists, meta-archaeologists and pathfinders into the unknown – and pirates of the birthright of mankind. In this, they often come into conflict with the Quartet, a group of supervillains who also have an interest in seizing the treasures of the past, the wonders of the present and the reins of the future.


A former archaeologist, Calvary knows well the power of the secrets hidden in the earth and yet to be uncovered in the stars.


Not dissimilarly to the real academic community, prestige within the Gleaners is based upon how much one can discover and bring to the chapter. Students of superscience, magic and everything in between, they believe that these things are too precious to be left to the idiot fumblings of ordinary humans, who would destroy what they sought to understand.

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