The Furies

They are a thousand different apocalypses, united by a bond that no one yet understands. The Furies are perhaps the threat that faces the Primacy on the most equal footing – both are powerful and global in scale. The avatars of disaster are hard to quantify in general terms; some are extortionists, using their powers for profit; some seem driven by ecological or political ideology; but the majority are simply raging storms of violence and terror. Oddly, many of the younger members are less malign than their elders, and some even fight as heroes for a time, unaware that their elemental powers are actually the early manifestations natural disasters. So far, most have turned to the Furies as they aged, however, and joined the war on mankind – though nearly all of them retain at least an echo of their personalities and appearances. The most powerful of them tend to be able to suppress or transcend their destructive impulses, which has lead to the rather disconcerting trend of several Furies entering the business world, seeking to build their personal fortunes… before following their vocation and destroying everything else.

Several factors link the Furies: they never willingly attack each other, as if there was some familial bond between them. Their plans may occasionally conflict, but when they do they more often unite for short term rampages than come to blows. It is theorised they also share an empathic link with the other members, which may explain the coincidence of their attacks. Ever since they assisted the Primacy in the final battle against Professor Gateway (even though they more often helped the madman prior to that, approving of the world-wide havoc he wrought) they have had access to some kind of improved teleport system that does not require portals; they can appear and disappear anywhere.

The origin of the Furies is a convoluted matter. The first discernible Fury dates from the 1940's, when the world reached a technological tipping point: mankind's technology and impact on the world had reached a level where life itself, not just the fate of individual species, could conceivably be threatened. Their activity went almost unnoticed for decades, as the first Furies only manifested within naturally occurring, or at least already extant disasters; they were able to possess and amplify these events, but not create them from calm conditions. Their rise to prominence was only triggered in the late 1960's, when aliens used an ecological weapon to drive them into a frenzy as a prelude to invasion. Even then, it took some years for their power and uniqueness to be recognised, but now they are well known as a threat with few equals.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Prime; Life & Limb: Prime to Extinction-level; Property: Prime to Extinction-level.

Group Membership

Superhuman 'living disasters', linked by some unknown phenomena. Varies between approx. 10 to 30 members of varying levels. Supers only, as they are far too arrogant or mad to accept the equality of other beings, though individual members may have personal retinues, companies or even lead catastrophe-worshipping cults of baselines.

Bases/Centres of Operation

Unknown, but is seems likely there is one hidden somewhere. Perhaps Gateway created a second Hub, which the Furies occupy?

Leaders/Notable Members


Though few realise it, Atomocaust is one of the Furies, and certainly the oldest 'living' member of the group. He was created at Alamogordo, New Mexico, by the world's first nuclear explosion, and has ravaged the globe intermittently since then. If he was ever a mortal creature, rather than just a sapient nexus of energy created by the blast, any traces of his identity have faded with age and power-madness. Even his sex is only a guess, based on the roughly male facial features that form out of radiation, standing
shockwaves and smoke where he manifests. He is usually attracted to nuclear blasts from war or weapons tests, and likes to announce his presence with blast waves and radioactive fallout, as if trying to exceed man's destructiveness with his own. He is more beast than man, an insane holocaust of radioactive fire that rampages uncontrollably until he grows bored and fades away, awaiting another surge of nuclear energy. Some Furies treat him with a kind of reverence, like that reserved for a wise grandparent.

Raoni 'Cyclonis' Fieiranto

The arrogant Brazilian master of winds, Cyclonis is a frequent threat around the world. Some regard him as the leader of the Furies, though it seems unlikely they have any such formal ranking. He uses his formidable mind to create long term, far-reaching catastrophes that attack the world's economies and political stability, but his brooding, violent temper means he cannot rely on minions to carry these plans out, and must enact them himself. In the past, Cyclonis has targeted major ports, to cripple international trade, and torn up or flooded vast areas of cultivated land to bring about famine and civil strife. He is a challenge to fight, as he is almost always surrounded by a hurricane-force shield, sometimes kilometres across, that makes it all but impossible to approach or target him.

Cecily 'Ionique' Devereaux

With intelligence and planning skills equal to those of Cyclonis combined with greater charm and the ability to inspire loyalty, Ionique might be the most dangerous of the Furies, if her motivation wasn't simple sexual frustration. Because almost everyone, even most electromorphic and lightning-based superhumans that she touches does of massive electrical shock that overwhelms their resistances, she finds it hard to acquire willing lovers, and despite many attempts has only managed to birth one child, the similarly powered girl Sparque. Rumour has it her libidinous sights are currently set on Galvanic of the Primacy, but she hasn't thus far let this get in the way of her plans to alternately control and devastate the world electricity and computer markets. Using another of the Furies, Dataplague, as her servant, she has taken the business world by storm as the secret mistress behind the Paris-based Eclair Internationalè, a company with wide-ranging interests from fashion to personal electronics. Her brilliant corporate strategies are helped by the fact that her opponents tend to be struck by lightning…

Amina 'Blacksnow' bint Daouda

Another of the Furies' senior members, Blacksnow is the Omani-born mistress of cold and ice. Blacksnow was the first of the Furies to try causing havoc and making profit by engaging in commerce, and was doing very well until Ionique challenged her. Despite Blacksnow's partners in the Triland Corporation, she was driven bankrupt, and retired from public life to a hermetic existence. She returns from time to time, but more often to lay waste to some isolated Siberian, Icelandic or Alaskan settlement with ebon blizzards than to make a killing on the stockmarket.

Victor 'Drench' Jones

The Australian Drench is the master of rogue waves, floods and tsunamis, though he generously shares these portfolios with a number of powerful lieutenants. Like Cyclonis, he is a serious and persistent threat, but unlike the far-sighted and patient master of winds Drench goes for violent, short term works of 'art' with which he can demonstrate his aesthetics of watery carnage.

Johann 'Dataplague' Valsen

Proving the Furies are not confined to the archaic disasters, Dataplague is a living computer virus. He transforms his body into digital information and enters vulnerable systems to achieve his nefarious goals, which started fairly small, such as crashing the Danish social security system, but soon escalated to resetting the passwords of the world's intelligence agencies and writing them into a crossword puzzle, and attempting to cause a global financial seizure by buying and selling every stock on every market simultaneously.

Tim 'the Smog' Grocer

Los Angeles' very own menace, the Smog emigrated from London when the UK supergenius Prof. Jonah Steele introduced emission-free cars to the city. A massive, billowing creature of toxic fumes, the Smog seems to enjoy randomly attacking his new home city, though he often travels to other towns with heavy air pollution, such as Beijing and Christchurch.

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