The Cabinet

“One of us! One of us!”

Motivations and Goals

In principle, the Cabinet is one of the less malign chapters of the Pantheon. It is a society within a society of those metahumans whose powers mark them as outsiders: the monstrous, the deformed, the innately dangerous to themselves and others. Many of them have no wish to harm people, but simply crave a place where they will not be persecuted for their appearance. On the other hand, the Cabinet's strictly non-judgemental philosophy means that it is home to bitter and twisted mutants who wish to violently lash out at the world.


The Cabinet is guided by triplets named Behemoth, Leviathan and Ziz, monstrous creatures of Biblical proportions. Leviathan, a scaly, clawed, tailed sea monster is their juggernaut, a rampaging terror; Behemoth, a massive quadruped with skin of armoured bronze is the strategist of the three; and Ziz is their spiritual centre, a four-winged flying serpent and shaman.


Consisting of a few score at most, the strange appearances and powers of the Cabinet can make them disproportionately noticeable amongst the Pantheon's ranks, despite their preference for remaining out of sight. The group generally lacks political sway, but holds a special place in the Pantheon's heart, as proof of their belief in exceptionalism and tolerance for uniqueness.

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