Project Alexander

"Do you not think it a matter worthy of lamentation that when there is such a vast multitude of worlds, we have not yet conquered one?" ~ Alexander the Great

What began as a side-mission for Project Flotsam has become something much darker and more dangerous. Project Alexander began life as Operation Basecamp, an attempt to set up a small number of military outposts in alternate universes that were, in the nonlinear geography of the multiverse, 'close' to Earth Prime. These outposts were placed to watch over unstable, rift-prone regions that might be the source of future incursions into our dimension, and to serve as forward launch sites for exploratory teams should control of Gateway technology ever progress to the point where such missions were feasible. While initially composed of veterans who volunteered for the extremely risky job of manning extradimensional military bases, the lack of oversight that such a classified and intrinsically unobservable mission entailed means that it rapidly fell prey to the ambitions and need for extra manpower of its commanding officer, General Locksworth. He began requisitioning green troops straight from boot camp for 'offworld training exercises' that became permanent postings, and even hiring on dishonourably discharged soldiers for new tours. Basecamp's outposts began to resemble the worst parts of a conscript battalion and a French Foreign Legion fort. While these extra staffing measures were frowned upon when they came to light, Locksworth was able to keep them mostly sub-rosa, as one of his subordinates, Commander Hadley, had a rare genius for scrounging and operating complex missions on a shoe-string budget. His most notable 'innovation' was bribing corrections officers to 'lose' convoys of prisoners in transit, and turning them into penal regiments.

Locksworth had political enemies, however, and some of these began manipulating classified reports behind the scenes, and dropping poisoned words in highly placed ears. Eventually, a secret Senate Subcommittee came to the conclusion that Operation Basecamp wasn't worth the risk to men or expenditure of materials that it entailed, and it was instructed to dismantle its operations and merge what could be usefully redeployed with Project Flotsam.

Desperate not to be pushed into retirement or to lose his exciting role as America's - indeed, Earth's - first extradimensional chief of security, Locksworth pulled strings in certain covert ops agencies, dark corners of the intelligence community and black-technology groups, offering them the chance to use Basecamp's XD sites for off-record interrogations, untraceable weapons tests, and places to recruit and train elite troops with no oversight. Operation Basecamp was reclassified, repurposed and renamed as Project Alexander - the first step in a New American Empire that would span entire alternate worlds. This chain of events played into the hands of yet another faction, however - one that lusted for extradimensional dominions. As Alexander began establishing beachheads in parallel dimensions and claiming more and more territory, the fact that the organisations behind it were not accountable to any government, let alone the US one, became clear to the commanding officer. Realising his lapses in judgement and ethics, General Locksworth finally rebuked these covert powerbrokers' overtures of alliance - he would not sell his services and US Army property as a world-hopping mercenary. His stance proved irrelevant, however; Hadley shot his commanding officer in the back, and lead what was left of Alexander to strike out on his own. The multiverse was his oyster - but who is calling the shots is known only to the man who now styles himself Emperor Hadley.

As it stands, Project Alexander is a monstrous conglomeration of slave-holding empire, pirate raiding band, mercenary company, fighting and pillaging across multiple battlefronts and multiple worlds.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Severe; Life/Limb: Severe; Property: Severe.

Group Membership

Unknown, but suspected to contain a core of several hundred military personnel, ex-cons, renegades and specialists, leading an army of potentially thousands of slave-soldiers and recruits from alternate worlds.

Bases/Centres of Operation

Emperor Hadley runs his army of interdimensional marauders from an unknown location; it is not known if he has a permanent capital somewhere in the multiverse, or if he and his command staff move constantly, evading their numerous enemies and enraged victims. It is known that he tries to avoid the forces of the pan-dimensional Chinese empire, All Under All Heavens, aware that their forces are as or more skilled than his own at travelling between worlds.

Leaders/Notable Members

Emperor Harlan Hadley

Commander Hadley, self-styled 'Emperor of a Thousand Worlds' is a treacherous opportunist, and a modern hypertech pirate captain. His personality and demeanour fall somewhere between a grifter and a cult leader; he rambles half-prophetic oddments of philosophy while conning people out of their very civilisations. He adorns him self in a rich cacophony of gear from a myriad of worlds, from weapons and armour to jewellery - some of which is enchanted or built with superscience, giving him a large arsenal to draw from if anyone contests his rule.

Major Sledge

A taciturn hulk of a man, Hadley's right hand is known only by his codename, and distinguished by the cybernetic exoskeleton that grants him phenomenal strength, motorised speed and destructive power. He acquired the prototype of this device as part of a weapons experiment with Project Alexander, but soon found an improved model - or rather, he killed an alternate version of himself and look it. Major Sledge serves with brutal professionalism, and is usually found leading raids in Hadley's stead and maintaining order in the slave-soldier ranks.


One of Basecamp's exploratory team leaders, Lt. Erick Fleckenridge's entire team went MIA while exploring a primal, barbaric world where their technology began to break down soon after arrival. Fleckenridge was the only one to last more than year amidst the huge, carnivorous beasts of the planet, and he did so only by shedding all pretences of civilisation and becoming a pitiless, brutal hunter and survivalist - although the magical muzzle he found that possessed the ability to tame and dominate animals certainly helped. When he was rediscovered by an Alexander raiding party, Hadley liked the man's new found viciousness and the pack of killer reptilian predators and mammalian monsters he brought with him. Taking the name Beastbreaker for his ability to master dangerous animals and bend them to his will, he serves as an enforcer and wrangler for Project Alexander.


The technical brains of the operation (as opposed to Hadley's criminal acumen), Francis Tyson was discharged as a Project Flotsam technician and arrested for industrial espionage - he had been selling the specifications of XD weaponry to Triland. His 'benefactors' arranged for him to be in one of the convict groups that were diverted to Project Alexander, where his know-how and pre-existing awareness of parallel worlds allowed him to insinuate his way up the ranks. Armed with little more than a bulletproof jacket, advanced laptop and interdimensional WIFI connection, he acts as Alexander's field technical expert, head of R&D and runs digital overwatch for the forces. He receives little respect, but is secure in his own necessity to the Project.

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