Lex Talionis

“A face for an eye; a mouth for a tooth. He who raises his hand against my brother shall have his arm struck off forthwith.”

Motivations and Goals

A terrorist watchdog group that strikes out at humans who oppress, harm or experiment on superbeings, Lex Talionis seeks to rescue the victims of meta-exploitation, deter humanity from wronging their betters and punish those that do with harsh lessons. To most of the world this is the Pantheon's most recognisable face; an intimidating and violent cluster of metahumans ranging from freedom-fighters to bullies to raging psychopaths. In contrast, they view themselves as avengers and policemen, keeping the 'nerms' in


The Embalmer, a vicious anti-human vigilante, is more of a rolemodel than a commander. A muscular figure clad head to toe in a black and white costume with scythe-like blades on the arms, he prefers to lead by inspiring acts rather than words; in his case, this means brutal assaults and mutilations of those deemed enemies of Pantheon or metahumanity.


Nearly all Pantheon members with combat skills or abilities that prove useful in battle have joined an LT strikeforce or posse at one time or another. Though it may lack the social, scientific or financial resources of other factions, LT is significant because it represents the largest association of muscle the Pantheon possesses, and the most capable of and willing to bring force to bear.

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