Javier Bello

Javier Bello loved war, even as a small boy. Despite parental horror and strong disapproval, he would constantly watch movies set during the Spanish Civil War, WWII, and any other conflict, and loved military documentaries… the more graphic, the better. He read Sun Tzu and von Clauswitz under his bedsheets, late into the night. His father Francisco Raefelo Bello was a diplomat and man of peace, travelling the world at the behest of the Spanish government and later as a United Nations mediator, trying to prevent strife and restore peace. Young Javier, however, was more interested in studying, even immersing himself in the wars that tore the countries they went to than seeing them ended. Something in the sound of burning buildings, the rumble of tanks, the clatter of gunfire and the screams of the dying stirred him deeply and held a perverse attraction, and he quickly grew to despise his pacifist father.

Javier escaped from his father's entourage while they were in Argentina and fled over the border to Uruguay, where he became a child soldier for the Tupamaros Marxist guerrillas. He cared nothing for their politics: he merely saw them as the nearest paramilitary group he could join and manipulate to greater heights of bloodshed. Javier's history for the next few decades is patchy; he apparently travelled across nearly every continent, fighting in, provoking and leading bush wars, ethnic cleansings and uprisings, becoming an incredibly adept tactician and savage fighter. At some point, he seized control of a large arms depot in the Congo, and began to sell the weapons to any faction that would buy them. Giving others the means to kill and destroy: this became his true calling.

He resurfaced not long afterwards, having changed his last name and personal style, heading a small arms manufacture, shipping (and smuggling) corporation, Armas de Arado (Weapons from Ploughshears). He seemed to possess a unique business acumen for this industry, and AdA grew rapidly to become one of the top five international defence contractors. Javier used his profits and influence to take over as many rival arms manufacturers and distributors as possible, and now stands as one of the richest and most militarily influential men in the world. Inevitably for one of his status, his business is closely entwined with the activities of the Triland Corporation, to the extent that his labs and workshops actually research and produce much of the weaponry and illegal military hypertech Triland deals in. It is believed he wields some influence with higher-ups within the shadowy financial empire.

Javier Bello's multinational web of interests works in the design and construction of every kind of weapon imaginable, from the cheapest stamped-steel assault rifle used by militia across the world to cutting-edge energy weapons reserved for secret agencies and superheroes (or villains). They build armoured vehicles, aircraft and missiles, not to mention weapons satellites and powered armour. He owns chains of suburban gun shops and shifty street vendors, catering to both the weekend huntsman and desperate criminal, supplying arms to both sides of any conflict that seems brewing. He owns mercenary companies and private military contractors of all shades, gleefully selling his hired guns to anyone, regardless of allegiance or objective. His studios churn out brutal, macho war movies and comics, inspiring countless young men and women to take up violence as a means to their ends. War is not a means to an end for the man himself, however. War is Javier's vocation; the prospect of battle anywhere in the world fills him with terrible passion and energy, to the extent he works to increase tensions and provoke civil strife and international incidents for no reason other than he can.

Threat Ratings

GTR: Severe; Life/Limb: Severe; Property: Severe.

Group Membership

In addition to being a wealthy investor and director or board member of various corporations, Bello is to all intents and purposes the head of a private army spread across the world and armed with the latest beyond-cutting-edge destructive technology. He employs a handful of superhumans as bodyguards, commandos or shock troopers, and bankrolls various genius scientists as weapon designers. He has extensive relations with Triland and the Ariadne Compact.

He operates a multinational holding conglomerate called Sumner Conflict Investments as the cover and administrative centre of most of his corporate possessions. In addition to the company he started, Armas de Arado, Javier owns or has de facto control over numerous other major members of the arms industry, including: Armacorp; Statler, Waldorf & Sapp; [[Nibelung Technologies]]]; Stallion Manufacturing; and Godlight Incorporated. Amongst the private military contractors and mercenary/security groups that work for him are: Rubikon International; Terminal Solutions; and Stormcloud USA. Mr. Ren, the head of Stormcloud, is Javier's senior advisor and spear carrier in matters of business, though privately the mastermind has contempt for Ren's clean hands – he cannot respect someone who has never taken a life.

Bases/Centres of Operation

Bello travels the world, meeting with rebel warlords, tyrannical regimes, mercenaries, criminals and black-ops agencies to stir up conflict and offer his wares and services. As a wealthy playboy, he also enjoys rubbing elbows with the political and social elite, and frequently spends extended holidays on the French Riviera, in Hong Kong for fashion shows, Monaco for gambling and Lagos for the annual military technology fair. His wealth, charisma and reputation as a dangerous man gives him a certain amount of cachet in such circles, which he uses both for its own sake and to gain access to the rich and powerful, all to further his goal of sparking conflict.

Though he has various mansions and hotel suites around the world, Javier Bello's main residence is a sprawling estate in La Rioja, Spain. He keeps extensive and beautiful, if seldom-used gardens, a private zoo (mainly carnivorous beasts, half-starved and trained/abused to be exceedingly vicious) and a museum dedicated to war and weapons. The estate is also home to the Areopagus, an underground arena used to host the Field of Carnage event. The master arms dealer calls his abode Casa Belli – a pun on casus belli ('occasion for war') and the Spanish word for home. It is equipped with autodefences, from bunkers and minefields to pop-up missiles, plasma turrets and forcefields that would give any superhuman reason for pause, and a huge and lethally-armed garrison of security personal.

Field of Carnage

Created as a mockery of the prestigious martial arts tournament the Field of Honour, Javier presides over a semi-secret international festival of bloodshed called the Field of Carnage. It is held when the whim strikes him, and attracts fighters with no limits and a great desire for profit or glory, often those disqualified from the FoH. Like modern gladiators, martial artists and assassins of every stripe gather to fight (to the death, more often than not) for the entertainment of Javier and various wealthy and powerful bloodsport enthusiasts. Battles are often deliberately one-sided, depending on who was bribed or who the sponsors wish to see die. Seeing a handful of civilians being killed one by one in a death-trap filled arena is as enjoyable to the patrons as a duel between equals. Other attractions include the 'Grand Melee', where hundreds of soldiers and tanks are fielded in Javier's private arena, the Areopagus, and a miniature war is staged.

Leaders/Notable Members

Javier Bello

Handsome and dashing, Javier looks more a dilettante and rake than a warlord, but any military veteran quickly recognises the look in his eyes that can only be acquired in the heat of battle – and the more astute realise that not only has Javier Bello seen the horrors of war first hand, but he has drunk deep of them and loved every moment. With an aura of danger about him, steel grey eyes, glossy ebony hair and beard and rugged but well-formed features many consider him attractive. Indeed, Javier does dabble in the bedroom with many men and women, but ultimately finds sex unsatisfying - only the act of destruction can bring him pleasure, and his appetites grow daily. He is at once an adept businessman, charismatic manipulator and an expert marksman, competent bare-handed fighter, and strategist of legend-worthy skill. His expensive suits are almost invariably protected with hyresils, and he has quick access to incredibly powerful personal weapons and powered armour, should anyone get past his numerous bodyguards and superhuman escort, Agent Provocateur.

Javier is a man of many secrets. He plans incessantly to spread war across the globe and dominate the trade in weapons and military technologies, and is more than willing to assassinate, intimidate, bribe and bomb anyone he must to achieve these ends. His greatest secret, however, is what he found under the land he purchased to build Casa Belli. Workers uncovered an ancient crypt, sealed with a massive lead disc – sealed to prevent escape, not to deter tomb robbers. His interest piqued, Javier ordered the crypt breached. Later, everyone involved in the excavation and the research of the contents was executed by his hand, so what he discovered remains a mystery… but it fuelled his megalomania and bloodlust to unprecedented levels.

Now, in his darkest fantasies, Javier truly believes himself to be a creature of war, more than human. He has faith that, if he can engineer a war of wide enough scope, grand enough carnage and multitudinous enough death, he will ascend to godhood.

Agent Provocateur

Svelte, dark and dangerous, most assume that the lovely Ethiopian woman gains her 'nick name' from the range of lingerie; she certainly looks like a model. She is seldom far from Javier's side at social functions, while travelling or at his home, though she can maintain a discreet distance if he is involved in secretive business or wooing someone else. Her demeanour varies from cool detachment to open flirting, depending on her mood, the situation and Javier's orders. Most assume she is simply his escort, and never suspect her superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance and perception.

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