“When you have mankind, you have a problem. No mankind, no problem.”

Motivations and Goals

Considered chilling psychopaths even by most of the rest of the Pantheon, Hecatomb is only allowed to remain a part of the organisation because Gravastar considers that the options they provide may one day prove necessary. Hecatomb, simply put, is dedicated to eradicating the blight of mankind, leaving a world solely of metahumans. Even the members of Lex Talionis (most of them, anyway) consider Hecatomb to be extremists.


The chapter's spokesman, Gabriel is a biologist who thinks himself a noble visionary in his attempts to replace humanity, and has the ability to manipulate or create life at the genetic level with a touch. He maintains the social links and lines of communication between the scattered would-be exterminators of humanity, petitioning on their behalf for Gravastar not to withdraw her support for the group.


Hecatomb's numbers are small, and its members tend to work in isolation, putting in to motion their unique doomsday scenarios. There is a diversity of opinion within the chapter about how best to go about this; some favour sterilisation and enforcing negative population growth policies; a few advocate terraforming Mars as a reservation and exiling humanity there; many spend their time brewing gigadeath-level bioweapons or constructing genocidal killing machines to turn the world into a planetary-scale death camp.

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