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The Primeverse is a multitude of universes.

Imagine a sea of spheres, each sphere a self-contained and infinite universe, the sea extending infinitely in eleven dimensions. Each universe is different; in some, the only variance is the spin of a single atom in a single star in a distant galaxy; in others, the very laws of reality diverged at creation. There are worlds identical to each other in all but the single most infinitesimal difference, long-lost in spacetime; and there are worlds where key historical events had different outcomes from the ones we know, every decision or chance at every jonbar hinge branching off in a fractal myriad or further dimensions. Parallel worlds are differentiated by energy level, chronal progression, and even moral valency - there are universes of shining heroes, and others of monsters darker than any nightmare.

The Primeverse is one universe.

Even in an aleph-one of infinities, some events are unique. Until 1985 CE, each of these alternate universes was separate, incapable of physical contact. Transmission of energy, concepts and influence had been possible, giving truth to tales of shamanic visions and demonic possession, but every realm of matter was entirely sacrosanct. Until a man of singular genius in all the infinite realities performed a single act that would irrevocably change everything, in every universe, forever: he completed an equation. This simple intellectual act caused the perfect symmetry of the universe to fracture. The multiverse now had a zero-point, a non-subjective frame of reference that allowed spatial coordinates to be derived in a mathematically and realistically meaningful way. What he had done caused his universe to be defined as the centre of infinity: the Primeverse.

Such an act is not without consequences, however…

The Primeverse is an active galaxy.

A powerful but critically overreaching empire, the Iridionians scheme against themselves and marshal their forces against their neighbours. The Ignians expand seemingly unstoppably, practising a military doctrine that makes invasion and terraforming indistinguishable. The godlike Makkrans hail from a universe that makes the greatest superbeings look like stumbling children, yet they fled to the Primeverse to escape an evil even they could not best. Hellgates open, giving the inhabitants of the vile, tyrannical negative-world Antichthon and its owner-master Dis Ma'al access to the Primeverse - and from there, all of creation. The Vine, the largest living thing conceivable, coils across thousands of worlds and interstellar gaps, spreading relentlessly towards its destiny. Beyond the galactic rim, halo beings build empires of gossamer axions, hating and fearing the incandescent solidity of bright matter species. The Stellar Protectorate sends its star-powered agents and mechanised forces in a mostly futile attempt to combat disaster and guarantee peace across the galaxy. Earth looks skywards, superheroes and scientists exploring and seeking the means to warn and defend against alien attacks that have scarred the planet and to find a way home for the thousands of refugees unceremoniously crashed there, while nations fight an orbital cold war.

The Primeverse is a wide world.

There is no one centre of superhuman activity. Super-powered individuals and threats come from alternate worlds, the reaches of time and space; they rise from the secret depths of ancient cultures and boil out of the most advanced laboratories. Superhumans are not clustered disproportionately in one part of the world; metahumans emerge stochastically from populations, so nations with the greatest populations also boast the most superhumans (with some exceptions). Altered humans born from scientific experiments and industrial processes arise more often than not in countries with lax safety laws and procedures. Extraterrestrial visitation is a factor of land area more than anything else.

The world's foremost group of superheroes, the Primacy watches over the entire world and beyond, protecting it from malice and catastrophe of extinction-level proportions. They are the primary and ultimate line of defence - but not the only one. Other teams and organisations operate on global, regional, national and even urban levels, standing against tyranny, crime and disaster. Groups like the Pact and Southern Cross stand vigil for entire sections of the globe; while others such as the Congery and the Gagarin Group focus their expertise on specific manifestations of the supernatural or new frontiers; and others are defined more by modus operandi, from the international superspies of InterSecTion to the proactive vigilantes of Last Strike.

But for every champion, there are two, five, a hundred menaces. The insidious Ariadne Compact extends its multitudinous arms and spins webs of conspiracy across the globe in pursuit of profit, influence, terror, and its mistress' mysterious goals. Living natural disasters known as the Furies rampage through wilderness and civilisation alike, often dismissed as mere berserk forces of destruction, but in truth far more cunning. The Quartet plot to seize mankind's common heritage and destiny for their use alone, while the Pantheon will elevate humanity to gods - or destroy them utterly in the name of superhuman liberation.

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